About me

My work follows my fascination with the conventional constraints of identity, and an equal fascination with setting fire to it. Painting is the most effective outlet for this eclectic flow, as it gives my observations and communications a timeless integrity. I work in oil on canvas and paper. I see my work as a form of self-portraiture. It portrays my own development. It depicts the juggling of identity I undergo as I grow: not Polish, not British, not girl, not woman, not man, a shy boy perhaps, or does it matter? Is it a problem? It is liberating. Within my paintings, I attempt to still these questions.

The paintings incorporate large visible brush strokes that bridge the abstract and figurative. These marks feel natural to me and allow me to develop my painting language, balancing the conventional and unconventional. Familiar images are incorporated and abstracted within the painterly style. They remain present, representing the various identities and social constructs that I enjoy observing, mimicking and collaborating with the playful application of paint. Simultaneously, they are hidden from the viewer within the construct of the work.